Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dreamcasting (7): From books to film

I am a very visual person and when I read a book I like to envision in my head what each book character would look like in actuality and who could play their roles if they ever adapted that particular book into a film.
What is a dreamcast? Well, it's the cast of actors that you think would be perfect to interpret a character on screen. Today I will dreamcast a popular book character and explain why I think the actor I chose for this dreamcast would be perfect for the role of said character.

Dreamcast for Sophie Collins, Warner & Adam Kent

Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Sophie Collins from Clockwork Angel

I originally learned of Astrid because she is an Spanish/French actress who appeared in the last Pirates of the Caribbean film (On Stranger Tides) as a mermaid named Syrena. Her character in that film really stood out to me because on the surface, she was part of a group of very vicious mermaids who attacked men at sea, but when you got to know more of her, she showed that she was not as violent as the rest of the mermaids. Astrid was incredibly fierce yet gentle in Pirates of the Caribbean and also caring and full of character. 

Sophie Collins who is a secondary character in the historical urban fantasy novel named Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, holds all of the qualities that Astrid displayed so well in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Sophie is a very strong character who carries a scar on her face because when she was a parlor maid (a maid chosen for her beauty in the Victorian era) - she refused the advances of the younger man who was her boss and he later proceeded to cut her face to 'ruin' her physical beauty. Sophie definitely is insecure about her scar but she is described as being incredibly beautiful, loyal, shy but determined to do the right thing and smart. I definitely feel like Astrid could portray the beauty, vulnerability & fierce strength that characterizes Sophie to the T.

Sebastian Sauve as Warner from Shatter Me

Warner is the resident villain in the incredibly poetic and powerful dystopian novel named Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. He is a unique villain in that he is incredibly young, he is not the older Voldemort-esque villain that tends to be prevalent in young adult literature. He is described as being very fit, handsome, perfectionistic and obsessed with power. He runs an army on behalf of the reestablishment which is lead by his father and controls the society at large in Shatter Me. Warner is a very cold villain, who will shoot and kill anyone on the spot to inspire terror and fear at large with his soldiers. He also, as evil as he is, has a certain charm and hidden vulnerability that makes him all the more dangerous because here is this young man who is incredibly physically beautiful, who at first glance people would not suspect to be so murderous and dangerous, who nevertheless is incredibly corrupted and murderous.

I decided to pick Sebastian Sauve as my Warner because he is an incredibly popular male model in the fashion world, who has the build, height and look for Warner - blond hair, height, angular face, strength to his presence. Also Sebastian seems to be in his personality, very light hearted and charming and Warner - though incredibly cold and calculating- is a charmer, despite his psychopathic tendencies and I think Sebastian could embody that on screen and as a model, he can bring that silent/strong energy that he uses on the runway to Warner's calculating & villainous personality as the head of an army for his dad.

Michael Fjordbak as Adam Kent from Shatter Me 

Adam Kent is the male lead in the dystopian novel Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. He is a soldier in the army of the Reestablishment (that is the government and system in place that controls society in Shatter Me). The only reason why Adam joined the army was to learn of Juliette (the female lead in Shatter Me who has been locked up for years because she can't touch people due to having special powers). Adam is incredibly caring, strong, and an amazing support system to Juliette and his little brother, and he is a character that tugs on the heartstrings because of how ill he was treated by his father. Adam is described as being tall, with incredibly piercing blue eyes and dark hair. So, when I saw Michael Fjordbak on Teen Wolf one day, I was, like, "that is so Adam Kent" - since Michael has the height and physical appearance of Adam and also because I feel like he could portray the goodness, determination, strength that so defines Adam in Shatter Me from what I saw from his character on Teen Wolf (the young Peter Hale).

 Have you ever dreamcasted your favorite book characters? If you have, let me know about it. Also, if any of you have a different dreamcasting idea for the character I mentioned in this post, I would love to hear about it, as well. Thanks for reading :) 



  1. You are seriously the best at finding beautiful people! I still haven't read Shatter Me but I can totally picture that girl as Sophie. She kind of has a haunted look about her, too. Amazing picks as always!

    1. Haha. Thank you, Lauren :)

      I try my best :D

      Shatter Me is really great. I hope you get to read it sometime. And interesting. Astrid really does have a haunted look about her, agreed.



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