Sunday, September 9, 2012

Showcase Sunday (13) - Stacking the Shelves (5)

Showcase Sunday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Vicky at the Books, Biscuits and Tea blog. It is a meme inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and The Story Siren. The goal of this meme is for us bookish peeps to showcase & highlight the books that we have either bought, borrowed, won, downloaded, or received for review the past week :)

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga's Review to highlight the books us bloggers have gotten during the week, as well.

I like both memes, so I've decided to take part in both =)


1. Immortal City by Scott Speer


1. Intuition by J. Meyers (Intangible short story)  - ebook

2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - ebook

Sidenote: So, I have been on a bit of a book buying ban for these past weeks because I have A LOT of books waiting for me. But as you know, my fellow bookaholics, it's tough to stay away from the temptation of a new book and it's lovely cover and good reviews :D A friend of mine really loves Immortal City and I just had to get it because we have similar taste in books so I'm excited about reading it.

 I already own Pride & Prejudice in paperback but needed a copy for my new kindle to re-read and I received Intangible for review last month so I decided to download the short story from it as well.

What book loveliness did you receive this week? :)



  1. enjoy all . i loved immortal city

    1. Thank you. And I'm so glad to hear that, Ro. I am really excited about reading it :)

  2. IMMORTAL CITY! I haven't actually read the book but it sounds AMAZING. I love books about angels too ;) AND PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! Hehehe, you always need a re-read of Pride & Prejudice ;) It's just SO beautiful! ♥

    Hope you enjoy all the books you got this week, Jennifer! ♥ Happy reading!

  3. Intangible is a good series, I hope you enjoy it too :) And Immortal City is one I want to read too. Happy Reading!

  4. I loved Pride and Prejudice from the miniseries (The one with Colin Firth) but I've never read the book, I probably should someday. I should go on a book buying/requesting ban too. It's so hard to resist though! Great haul Jennifer. :)

    1. I did as well. The 2005 movie version is also pretty amazing. And the book is really awesome, Rachel. If you liked the miniseries, you are bound to like the book. The miniseries was really faithful to it. Haha, it is hard to resist. Us bookaholics have it tough. Too many books, little time :D And thanks, Rachel :)

  5. I'm going to be reading Intangible soon so I got Intuition as well. And I've heard great things about Immortal City! I hope you enjoy all your books!

  6. I read the main book, Intangible, last month and it was really good. I hope you enjoy Intuition.

  7. Immortal City does have a pretty cover :D Seems like awesome books ;) I hope you'll love them all. <3
    Thank you for commenting on my mailbox. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books


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