Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Her Shoes (20): Maddy from Immortal City

In Her Shoes is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Vanya at YA Story Teller. To participate, simply put yourself in the shoes of a heroine you've recently read about, and then talk about what you would do in her place, or what you've learned from her.

Featuring this week:
Maddy Montgomery from Immortal City

Maddy is the female lead in the YA Urban fantasy/romance Immortal City by Scott Speer. In Immortal City, Maddy, lives a in a city where Angels are the equivalent to celebrities. Personality wise, I would say that Maddy is very smart, reserved, sweet, down to earth and loyal girl. Maddy lost her parents at a young age and has had to sort of support herself by working at her uncle's diner before school. I would say that the fact that Maddy has had to grow up before her time has made her very mature and it makes it hard for her to relate to her peers (as she is in her final year of high school and about to start college). Maddy because of her maturity kinda finds it hard to pick up on social or romantic cues, not the type of girl to party, very serious.

Would I change a thing about Maddy? Not really. Maddy really has done the best she can with the hand she was dealt with at birth. She studies and works hard, she is a loyal friend and outstanding niece. She is not materialistic and is very smart and kind hearted. I really am enjoying Immortal City right now and reading about Maddy's journey. She is a really great character and a person you easily want to root for so she can have her share of happiness in life.


  1. I've already got my eyes on Immortal City, but you just made me all the more curious. Maddy sounds like someone who could have me burst in tears.
    Maybe we should think about another book exchange? ;)
    Thanks for sharing, and for stepping by!xo

  2. I don't think I've heard of this book, but Maddy sounds like a pretty strong character. Thanks for sharing her, Jen!

  3. Maddy sounds like a heroine I would like and feel for. Thanks for sharing Jennifer. :)


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