Sunday, November 11, 2012

Showcase Sunday (16) - Stacking the Shelves (8)

Showcase Sunday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Vicky at the Books, Biscuits and Tea blog. It is a meme inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and The Story Siren. The goal of this meme is for us bookish peeps to showcase & highlight the books that we have either bought, borrowed, won, downloaded, or received for review the past week :)

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga's Review to highlight the books us bloggers have gotten during the week, as well.

I like both memes, so I've decided to take part in both =)


1. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin (Paperback)

2. UK Journal

3. Fearless by Brigid Kemmerer (ebook)


1. Gravity by Abigail Boyd (ebook)

2. Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T. Michelle (ebook)

3. The Deepest Cut by J.A. Templeton (ebook)

Sidenote: I am SO excited about the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. I felt so out of the loop because it seems like everybody and their pet hamster has read that book already. I hear it's really great, so I pre-ordered the paperback and I got in the mail this week.  The cover is gorgeous and when you touch the book it has like this velvety feel to it. It like makes you want to pet it almost LOL. Only my bookish cover geeks know what I'm talking about. I promise, I'm not cray cray :D

My UK journal. So in love with it. I'm obsessed with all things Paris and London and I already bought a Paris journal and I totally geeked out when I found this adorbs UK one.

Fearless I cannot wait to read because I loved Storm and I have Spark waiting for me on le kindle. The Elemental series is really fun.

 What book loveliness did you receive this week? :)


  1. Some awesome books this week Jennifer! I too have had The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer forever and now everyone's onto the second book I really must get a wriggle on! Your UK notebook is so cute! Hope you enjoy all your books! :)

  2. As a person who lives in the UK, I say that you have an incredibly good taste in journals.

    The cover for The Deepest Cut looks beautiful, even with the red T. I'll look for it.

    Enjoy your reads.

  3. Oh, I soooo know what you mean with the Mara Dyer cover. The hardcover feels just as awesome. :D Make sure to read it ASAP and then get a copy of the second book - I finished it yesterday and loooooved it just as much as the first one. :D Happy reading!

  4. Yay for Mara Dyer, I'm reading The Evolution and loving it!

    P.S. My hamster hasn't read it coz I don't have one. :-p

    My haul

  5. I really want to start Mara Dyer, have heard great things about it. And I love BKoD! Just a good book!

    Happy reading:)

    Magen Corrie
    ~Corrie the Book Crazed Girl

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    I REALLY want to get my hands on The Umbecoming Of Mara Dyer, you're not the only one who hasn't read it! (:

    Awesome post. ^.^

    Tiffa @ The British Book Nerd

  7. Great books! I loved Brightest Kind of Darkness and Deepest Cut! I still need to read the Elemental series. Enjoy!

  8. I loved Spark and Storm as well so I also bought Fearless. Just haven't read it yet. I also have The Deepest Cut, and The Brightest Kind of Darkness which I hear both are great, I just need to read them!! I need more reading time, seriously. Great haul Jennifer, enjoy your reads. :)

  9. Ahh, lots of awesome. <3 Enjoy it all :D Sigh. Mara Dyer is so perfect. <3 You must love it ;)
    Thank you for commenting on my mailbox. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  10. I grabbed Brightest Kind of Darkness too. Great haul, enjoy all your books :)

  11. I'm SOOO glad you got The Unbecoming. I can't wait to see your response to it. I really hope you enjoy it.


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