Saturday, October 13, 2018

Guest Post: Melissa Chan from Literary Book Gifts

Unique Gifts for Book Lovers! With an exclusive discount!

When is the last time you saw a lesser known or obscure novel on a t-shirt? How often do see literature based designs at your local mall? Literary Book Gifts is a brand new online store that specializes in making quality gifts for book lovers. There are so many shirts and tote bags to choose from in the collection.

Not every book is popular enough to be produced on shirts or stocked on shelves. This means that there are so many titles that fans will never see designs of. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice may have many fans even today, but what about Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm's The Grimms' Fairy Tales? Literary Book Gifts has both of these and many more titles from your favorite authors and maybe some authors you've never heard of whose books you might like to try.

Each product is curated and designed specially for the collection. All design-work is done in house and each item is printed professionally to ensure that it is high quality. Although two individuals may be fans of the same literary work, they do not necessarily share the same color pallette. This is why each shirt comes in a multitude of colors and sizes to choose from. Take for example The Hunchback of Notre Dame T-Shirt in the men's or unisex style. The most obvious color choice would be to select this shirt in black. But if you select the shirt in light blue, purple, or even red it gives off a completely different vibe.

The tote bags come in three different sizes and in a wide range of colors to choose from as well. The Little Women Tote Bag in particular is a in a pink mauve color with black handles that are made of 100% cotton.

For readers of Dream Reads there is a special 20% discount code for you! Use the code DREAMREADS20 at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order! There is no expiry date for this coupon.

Written by Melissa Chan founder Literary Book Gifts and lover of all things: reading, writing, and literature.

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