Monday, March 5, 2012

Poem by Yours Truly

Hey guys,

So I wrote a little something a couple of days ago. It's a poem. Or a piece of writing that feels poetic to me, at least. I've never written poetry before, like, ever. So I'm kinda nervous about sharing this. Ironically, my nervousness has prompted me to share it because writing to me is about being brave enough to share your thoughts and I don't wanna be a chicken LOL, so I'm just gonna post it and wish for the best. Here it is:

Flesh and bone,
flesh and bone.
Is that all you see?
Is that all there is to me?
Am I not more than mere meat.
More than this suit that clings to me.
More than the howling wind and the turbulent waves of the sea.
More than the stars and our perplexing galaxy.
Do tell me gentle stranger;
Is flesh and bone,
flesh and bone, all you see of me?

Hope you guys liked it *goes into hiding* :D
 - Jennifer


  1. I really liked this! It's haunting with a touch of romance. Good job on your first poem!

  2. Twenty million times better than I could have ever done. A lovely poem!

    1. Thanks so much, Raine! That's a huge compliment coming from you, as you are such an amazing writer. So glad you liked it :)


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