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Review: Sins of My Father by Lisa Cardiff

Sins of my Father (Black Brothers #1)Sins of my Father by Lisa Cardiff
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Archer Black


My Review:

I would like to start this review by thanking Lisa Cardiff for writing a 'revenge on a senator in Washington plotline' in the right way. I luckily found this book after having come off reading the first two books in the Pawn series by Maya St. James. Sins of my Father managed to do what the two books in that series couldn't. Deliver a killer plotline and story with well developed characters, a hot romance and a revenge in Washington story that actually addressed its revenge and Washington themes.

Archer Black. Archer freakin' Black. How I loved thee. Seriously, ladies. This man was everything. I felt so bad for him because his reasons for wanting to take down the senator who did him wrong were so validated because the senator in this story was just so awful and manipulative and evil. It was heartbreaking to find out about Archer's backstory. Though successful as an adult, he surely had to suffer to get there. And most importantly he just oozed this powerful persona in the book. He had the looks, the talk and the attitude. He was awesome.

Langley, the female lead in this story, I also loved. Lisa Cardiff switches the point of view of the story from Langley to Archer so you get to be in both of the characters heads. Langley was a beautiful girl who easily couldve been very superficial and vapid with her settings and surroundings but she was decent to the core and very straight forward with herself about what she wanted. She had integrity that was believable.

Archer and Langley together were great. If both characters didn't have personality and strength there was no way they could've attracted each other and worked as a couple.

What I loved about Archer and Langley is that both were a bit jaded about life and love and in each other they found solid ground. They had to fight their shady and dubious surroundings and also their own misconceptions about each other and the situations they were in.

I loved the Washington setting in this book with political deception, scandal, betrayal, lies, manipulation. I felt like I was right there waiting for things to unravel in DC.

And the thing I loved the mostest (yes, that is not a word but bare with me) is that Archer Black is one of the few male characters I have ever read that makes sure that his girl pursues her dream and switches his agenda and life after all the drama in the story goes down, to make sure she is complete as a person and happy with life. That barely happens, especially with a super young, successful and handsome man like Archer. Langley could've easily been in the corner just thanking her lucky stars she found this sexy guy who had it all, but it wasn't like that. They both completed each other and grew together and supported each other. Archer Black is my new book bae/husband/ and fave male lead.

What is exciting is that this is a series and Archer has brothers that are also as troubled, complex and sexy as him. I need book two like I need air. I think its about Knox, and though Knox seemed well on the outside, I could sense a lot was going on underneath the surface.

Favorite quote:
"I never felt like I belonged to anyone. I was always on the outside looking in, waiting for someone to notice and want me.
Archer changed all of that."

My rating: 5/5

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  1. That picture.. Gosh, what a sexy man. It might have distracted me for a little while. :)

    I love the sound of the characters, the plot, and how intense the book sounds. I haven't read a book that deals with political situations, but I think I'll have to give this one a try.

    Lovely review!

    1. Hey Magen,

      LOL. I hear you, girl. Isn't he gorgeous? His real name is Walter Savage and he is a male model.

      I hope you do get to check it out because despite it being political, in the end it's a really good romance to the core. I'm so happy I read this one!

      And, Thanks so much :)

  2. I actually like to read political books, so I discovered recently, especially about US politics, because it's a fair bit different from what we have in Aus! It sounds like you really loved both characters! Archer sounds like a dream... pushing his girl in life and changing his plans... sigh!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

    1. Hey Naomi,
      I like reading political books too. It's interesting how different politics work in different countries. I did love both characters and Archer, for me, was such an awesome character and male lead overall. Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


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